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Have you purchased a vehicle, boat, plane, trailer, RV, motorcycle or vehicle from your local dealership and would like to share your motor vehicle or car buying experience with others? Sharing an honest testimony of your verified purchase will help other customers looking to do the same. Often, consumers will research reviews of vehicles, products and businesses before they consider making a decision.

As a customer, we need to have a seamless purchasing process and a great experience to make us feel good about our buying decisions. We want to purchase from businesses that don't treat us like "just another number." We want a unique experience that doesn't take advantage of us and treats us properly. If you had a positive or negative experience with any dealership during your car buying process, share your honest testimonial with "CarBuying.Reviews".

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Verified Service Reviews

Share your continuous Dealership Service Experience of your local dealership. Your motor vehicle purchase is just the beginning of your relationship a with yourn dealership. Your service experience is key to determining whether or not you continue to do business with them again. When you take your vehicle in for a service appointment, you want to know your vehicle is being taken care of properly and efficiently. You also want to know suggestions from the service department are beneficial and not the dealership attempting to pull a fast one on you to make a few extra dollars. If you have a positive or negative experience with your local dealership during your service experience, share your honest testimonial with with "CarBuying.Reviews".

How to review

The review process is very simple and straightforward. What sets us apart from other review sites is all reviewers must have proof of purchase for both buying reviews and service reviews.
Reviewing any Car Dealership is simple.
Follow these simple steps:

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1. Upload sales or service receipt ...

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2. Give your rating on 5 different criteria ...

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3. Type your review in the text area ...

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4. Press submit to record your review!

NOTE: Your account is 100% confidential. Your information is never sold or shared with any marketing agency. Your proof of purchased and images are only shared with Car Buying Reviews for vehicle ownership verification. Your review will be made public as soon as our staff verifies all the documents.

Each review goes through a verification process to validate its authenticity before being posted. This verification process ensures honest, quality reviews from customers and prevents invalid, dishonest, and ultimately fake reviews. Your dealership will have the option to reply privately to solve any issues. If your dealership does not resolve a complaint, our staff will help facilitate a resolution.

How Reviews help the Consumers

You may be thinking, how will reviews help me as a customer? With our review and validation process, you can be sure all of the reviews you read are 100% authentic and trustworthy. Our validation process will allow you to have confidence and build trust with Car Buying Reviews. Great customer experience is our mission, and we will do our best to make sure your experience is excellent.

How Reviews help the Car Dealer Ship

As a Dealership, you may be thinking how Car Buying Reviews can help you? Upwards of 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would a close friend. Also, there are many added unique benefits with showcasing quality ratings and reviews of your dealership from SEO, CTR or click-through rate increases, and even a reduction in your CPC / cost per click. With more people gravitating to online resources for research with their car buying process, we provide a valid solution you can add to your dealership's arsenal that will increase your revenue while decreasing your costs. We also streamline your potential customer's review process to ensure they have a happy buying experience with your dealership.